Thermal Imaging for Range Phenomenology

Thermal Imaging for Range Phenomenology


Range applications for FLIR IR cameras include the tracking of target objects, acquiring their infrared signature, and capturing an image with high speed/stop motion capabilities. FLIR cameras are also used in military/defense R&D to study laser target designation systems and directed energy systems.

In all these applications, accuracy and reliability are vitally important. FLIR‘s SC-Series IR cameras are widely used for capturing and recording thermal distribution and variations in real time. This allows engineers to see and accurately measure temperature patterns, quantitatively determine the heat energy coming from an object, and perform dynamic analyses on fast moving targets. Thus FLIR IR cameras complement other instruments, providing greater insight into thermal phenomena.

Since 2008, FLIR has been a majority shareholder of Cedip Infrared Systems. The two companies have combined resources in the manufacturing and marketing of cooled mid- and long-wave infrared cameras. This has greatly expanded the product lines available for the study of range phenomenology, opening up new possibilities for the characterization of complex thermal events.

FLIR SC6000 & SC8000
High speed, high resolution, science-grade infrared camera with Gigabit Ethernet, Camera Link, and USB interfaces for maximum flexibility and performance.

Cameras dedicated to multi-spectral analysis application where spectral imaging or speed is a must.

A rugged, high performance, full-featured, radiometrically calibrated instrument that can survive the harsh environments typically found on the test range.