Thermal New Year

Thermal New Year

A Very Thermal New Year!

As the new year looms it’s time to look forward and also to look back. Looking forward the hedge fund managers and money men are predicting a global market share for infra-red technology products in the region of about two and a half billion dollars by 2017 and looking back the sheer scope for application of this new technology continues to refuse to be restricted.  And if the future’s half as bright as the past then its going to be glowing…(probably in some shade of scarlet.)

So we thought it would be fun to have a look back at just how this blossoming technology is helping to shape the future. So just what can you do with Thermal Imaging?

Criminals in the states found that thermal imaging was the perfect solution for picking up latent pin numbers from the glass screen of an ATM machine.

The police in the UK found it was a great way to uncover the vast hidden power usages of the average suburban herb grower. 

Kent council discovered is was the ideal way to unearth the county’s population of illegal immigrants living in timber sheds.

Rescue services world wide used it to find car crash victims in perfect darkness, survivors trapped under rubble in disaster zones, and save lives across the globe

The English Cricket team used it in the Ashes… Not that it did them any good…

Zookeepers in San Diego used it to confirm they had a baby panda on the way.

A team of French and Scottish scientists investigating Emperor penguins in Antarctica used thermal cameras to discover that the birds can maintain a body temperature which is actually colder than the air around them.

This year, saw the first use of thermal imaging warning system to protect whales from underwater noise. The automated system alerts naval and mining operations when the whales spouts are detected nearby.

Vets in the US have also embraced thermal imaging as a tool to monitor raccoons from a safe distance, it turns out thermal imaging can help identify rabies. 

Oh and finally Mr Darren Smith of 32 Shrewsbury avenue used it to find a nasty draft in the lobby.

So whatever your thermal imaging needs are for the year to come… We’d like to wish you a very prosperous new year…