The Latest News in Thermal Imaging

The Latest News in Thermal Imaging

The latest News from around the world in Thermal Imaging.

One of the most amazing things about thermal infrared imaging is the versatility and breadth of uses of the technology. From medical support through to critical workplace hot spot monitoring, thermal imaging can help and change the way of working for so many industries and sectors.

When we review the latest news from the thermal imaging field, we can see the wide range of applications and innovative uses of this great technology.

Great Scott… A hoverboard!

If you grew up in the 1980s or 1990s, the words “Great Scott, Marty!” will instantly seem familiar. The popular Back To The Future Trilogy of films features the technology of time travelling in a Delorean and also the now iconic flying skateboard – the hoverboard.

This year every young boy’s dream of a hoverboard has been created with the help of thermal imaging. Hendo Hoverboards have created a kickstarter to commercialise their breakthrough.
The technology that has been developed could actually have far greater reach than the novelty of the hoverboard itself – using magnetic fields and metal surfaces for movement could be the basis for cars and trains moving faster with less energy usage but at this stage the technology is in its infancy.

Thermal infrared imaging has been vital in the process of engineering the prototype design (you can see evidence of this around 45 secs in the intro video) – the ability to monitor heat within circuits and locate localised hot spots or non-transmission of currents is beyond the powers of the naked eye or any other form of technology. We will keep our eyes open for what the future holds for this form of travel!

Thermography Saved The Cat

The trapped cat was delighted technology could save her!
The trapped cat was delighted technology could save her!

Meanwhile in Surrey, a mischievous tabby cat was rescued thanks to thermal imaging. In the case of Vicky the tabby cat, her natural curiosity for a new space landed her in a tight fix! Her owners were unable to find her while staying at the Inn on the Green in Ockley only to discover she had squeezed through a hole in the floor boards disappearing into the voids in the floor space. Normally it would be been necessary to take up all the floor boards but luckily local firefighters had their own thermal imaging camera. Using the thermal camera they were able to essentially look through the floor boards to find the area of heat in an otherwise constant temperature environment – the cat – and free her without having to take up the entire room. The new FLIR Ax8 would be the perfect camera for fire fighters to keep on hand for this sort of scenario and well as detecting nesting or hiding animals in similar situations such as bats in barns or birds’ nests in roof rafters.

View details on the FLIR Ax8 Here.

If you have any interesting stories about how you have used your thermal camera, please do contact us and you could feature on our pages!


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