That’s just not cricket – or is it?

That’s just not cricket – or is it?

Thermal Imaging – The Magic Eye

When it comes to thermal imaging and its effectiveness in the world of sport, who wouldn’t want to know the outcome if it can decipher whether you should run, walk or none of the above?  With all the commotion of the recent cricket game during England’s second innings in Nottingham, I think now is the time to draw attention to such a genius device – I’m talking, of course, about thermal imaging – the tool that gives us the creative power to make the invisible, visible. And seeing as this is a power we all wanted as children; why not make it a reality?  But what use is it if it’s not implemented effectively? I’d like to think if someone asked poor Stuart Broad his thoughts, he’d probably agree – that thermal imaging is a blessing, not a blunder. So why has it caused such a stir in the world of modern technology and historical sport?Cricket using thermal image cameras  That's just not cricket

That’s just not Cricket – or is it?

The concept is simple and very effective: the ball hits the bat; the impact causes a hot spot on the cricket bat, which in turn allows the thermal imaging camera to locate the area it has hit. Surely this is something to be welcomed, not rejected? And it’s not just Cricket that thermal imaging has positive effects on. Take race horses for example – thermal imaging has helped identify injuries usually difficult to detect outwardly and show them up three weeks prior to the horse actually displaying clinical symptoms. So it also comes in handy when people want to buy or sell a horse.

Yes, you might argue how did we manage before this technology? But what about all the other great technologies out there that have grown and developed into life-saving solutions? Well, this could be the life saver of Cricket (amongst other things) and will certainly save the on-going arguments about who walks, who runs and who does neither.

Thermal imaging is only as good as the user, so if you want to learn more the team at Thermal Vision Research offer a range of training and seminars in the UK. For more information, visit our Thermal Image Training page.