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FLIR ResearchIR Max 4.0 is aimed at R&D and science professionals who use thermal imaging cameras with a cooled or uncooled detectors. FLIR ResearchIR Max makes the most of a thermal imaging camera, and allows high-speed recording and advanced thermal pattern analysis. FLIR ResearchIR Max is the perfect tool for industrial R&D.

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Main features:
  • Pre/post-recording.
  • Mathematical processing toolbox.
  • Image filtering toolbox.
  • Radiometric digital detail enhancement (DDE) improves dramatically the understanding of the thermal image, while maintaining radiometric measurement accuracy.
  • View, record and store images at high speed.
  • Post-processing of fast thermal events.
  • Generate time-temperature plots from live images or recorded sequences.
  • Advanced start/stop recording conditions.
  • Unlimited number of analysis functions (spot, line, area).
  • File organizer.
  • Zoom and pan allows a closer look.
  • Multiple dockable objects for plots and statistics.
  • Export images and results to bitmap, video, Excel, MATLAB or CSV formats
  • Local scale gain control on measurement – automatically adjusts the contrast in a specific part of the image.
FLIR ResearchIR Max 4 in combination with a FLIR thermal imaging camera is the perfect solution for any R&D or scientific application. It will allow researchers in all fields to make the smallest of temperature differences visible and to thoroughly analyze the thermal process in real-time.


Download your copy of FLIR ResearchIR Max 4 here (evaluation copy only – license key required):

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