Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible? Find out now before this message self-destructs….
Some things are a mission impossible, in our line of business on the list of ‘disadvantages’ is the number of NDA’s (Non-disclosure agreements) we have to sign on a daily basis, now we are not against agreements to protect and insure that information does not get in to the wrong hands, it is just that these agreements prevent us from shouting about how thermal imaging is shaping our world, from technological advances to medical breakthroughs.Mission impossible

There are many amazingly clever people out there doing wonderful things to enable progress across all industries and we are involved at the very heart of the operation – there is just the one catch, due to these lovely NDA’s we cannot tell you anything about it, not even a whisper.  We cannot shout it from the roof tops, write a stunning press release or feature it in our email campaigns – we are tight lipped, keeping stum, forced into silence by the little bits of text  preventing any form of mention of the company, hospital, university or institute where the research and development is taking place.

I know the inner ‘James Bond’ in me loves the intrigue and secrecy around my missions but dinner parties can be rather tedious when you have no exciting stories to share while sipping your Martini -‘shaken not stirred’.

So we can say that the next time you see a major medical breakthrough on the Ten O’Clock News or a fab piece of tech on the gadget show we might of played a part in developing the product, or if you are buying the latest electronic household device with whoosh bang and whistles – we could of helped with the research, thermal imaging may potentially be part of that secret recipe.    

As luck would have it we have yet to arrive at customer premises under cover of darkness or train for black belts to fend off evil competitors so things are not as bad as they sound – of course this is only because we can survey the area with our thermal cameras first! We will just keep on doing our thing for the benefit of science, medical, engineering, marine, sport and manufacturing as we always have and leave your imaginations to run wild with thoughts of what we might be working on next….

Mwaaahaha… to the batmobil Robin….