The FLIR AX8 is here

The FLIR AX8 is here

Innovation in temperature monitoring is in your hand with the FLIR AX8

Imagine the potential for a thermal imaging camera that offers automated, continuous, multi-spectral temperature condition monitoring and hot spot detection? Now imagine the FLIR AX8 is the solution.

The latest innovation in thermal imaging will launch into the UK market distributed by Thermal Vision Research this Winter. The FLIR AX8 combines thermal and visual cameras in a small, affordable package with a wide range of applications in different industries and sectors.

Industrial Condition Monitoring

The Brand New AX8

The FLIR AX8 can be used as an early warning indicator if used to monitor machinery. The software can be used to profile match and produce alerts and shut-downs if thresholds are exceeded over the whole of the machine from a temperature perspective.

Fluctuations in temperature can be one of the first indicators of fault or failure before physical damage takes place. This early warning could prevent serious damage and loss of life and add to the safety parameters in an industrial setting.

For manufacturers and process engineers, the FLIR AX8 can offer superior fire prevention control and continuous condition monitoring 24/7. Recommended for hot spot detection for electrical cabinets, process and manufacturing settings, data centres, mass transit facilities, energy generation plants, and storage facilities. The newest addition to the Thermal Vision Research portfolio allows early detection of temperature-related problems with an alarm function when the temperature thresholds are exceeded. The governing software can be tailored onsite to meet the requirements and parameters of the the monitoring process.

Wildlife Monitoring
Leading the way in the protection and study of nocturnal species such as Bats and Badgers, the FLIR AX8 is ideal to use at the entrance of a wild animals dwelling or in an outlying barn to monitor the movements and interactions in the animals through detection of their thermal signatures.

Equine Monitoring

Similarly, the unique size and innovative design of the AX8 gives horse owner’s peace of mind when monitoring their equine companion in the stable. Whether your horse suffers from respiratory conditions and ongoing care is needed throughout the night. Or you have a mare close to foaling and are eager to detect the temperature changes which indicate birth may be close –the FLIR AX8 is indispensable yet affordable for the equine business and leisure owner.

Thermal Vision Research is the leading name in infrared imaging technology in the UK. The team of experts are able to recommend, assist and support your choice of thermal imaging camera for any application. If you are interested in the FLIR AX8 and the potential for use within your chosen field, contact us today.