FLIR Ax8 Wildlife Monitoring.

FLIR Ax8 Wildlife Monitoring.

FLIR Ax8 Wildlife Monitoring

The Flir Ax8 Wildlife Monitoring camera is a great solution for small projects with small budgets. If you can monitor your source from a hot spot then this camera could be for you.

Firstly lets be under no misconception the FLIR Ax8 is a low cost thermal detector (£700.00+vat) with a 80 x 60 pixel detector so its not going to give you broadcast quality images.  However where you may simply need to count hot objects it does I think work really well,  given you could also use it to trigger other devices based on inbuilt alarm functions this could make it one of the most valuable ecological tools ever.

The combination of a reasonable visual camera and the MSX functionality does bring out enough detail to understand what is going on in the FOV (Field of View).

I’ve taken the images below from my back garden simply looking at the bird feeders with the camera mounted on a rake with a cable tie ,  the whole setup took 10min to put together with no real hassle other than a bag to protect my laptop from bird droppings.

The great idea with this set up that I’m just looking for “HOT SPOTS” and nothing else. For specifications please click here



The user interface is nice and clean and certainly easy to navigate around.

Screenshot 2015-02-11 10.43.23


We have a number of demo units available so if you would like to trial one then please contact us using the contact page on the website. For more details on the Flir Ax8 click Here.

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