External Trigger on SCx000

External Trigger on SCx000

What are the external properties for the SCx000 cameras such as delay and voltage?

External Trigger on SCx000

The SCx000 cameras have an external BNC input on the back panel that is labeled “Sync In”.  This port is looking for a TTL pulse. If the camera is in “single preset” mode, then Sync In is used as a frame sync.  Each time a pulse is received the camera will generate a single frame.  (NOTE:  In this mode, the user should set the frame rate in the SC6000 Controller to max.  Otherwise the frame rate will be limited by the controller setting.)  If the camera is in “preset sequencing” mode, Sync In acts as a “trigger” for a sequence.  For each pulse received, the camera will generate the number of sequences in the “Sequence Count” field.

Image External Trigger on SCx000

In either mode, if a subsequent pulse is received before the camera has completed the current pulse, the new pulse is ignored.

For the SC4000/6000:  The delay is 400 nanoseconds +/- 80 ns (one clock) between when a signal is applied to the Sync In and when the camera responds.  It is possible to add additional delay and set the rising or falling edge triggering using the external sync options on the “Advanced” page of the controller.


For the SC8000:  The delay is 1.529 microseconds +/- 78.125 ns


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